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Company History
Schmuckal Oil Company

Schmuckal Oil Company was born in Traverse City, MI in 1955, when Art Schmuckal and George Slane developed the partnership for Slane and Schmuckal Oil Company.

Starting with two small service stations. Art and George took turns driving the truck and making deliveries. They knocked on doors and relied on word of mouth advertising to build their business. Eventually, Art bought out George and the Schmuckal Oil Company was created.

From this small beginning Schmuckal Oil has grown into 26 company owned and operated gasoline/convenience stores and a supplier of Shell lubricant. In 2000 Schmuckal Oil became a multi branded company when it acquired 4 Marathon gasoline/convenience stores.

Schmuckal Oil, well known as a family business, has now employed three generations of Schmuckals. Art's wife Mary was secretary/treasurer for many years. Their son, Paul, started in the company in 1977 and is currently President. Their daughter, Barb, started in 1982, became Vice President and has recently retired.

From a small beginning of two service stations, to being recognized as one of the best operations in the Shell franchise, Schmuckal Oil Company has come a long way. Today, we still believe in Art Schmuckalís commitment to outstanding personal service and learning and meeting the needs of our customers.

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